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Bunion exercises

REMEMBER! Regular feet exercises:

  • help in bunion prevention and treatment
  • strengthen feet muscles
  • reduce the risk of transverse platypodia

We recommend a set of simple bunion exercises:

Here are some tips:
  • Before you start exercises, warm up and massage your feet. E.g. you can stretch the Achilles tendon by walking on your toes and then on your heels.
  • Do exercises every day, even just for a few minutes.
  • Combine exercises and using MARCIN bunion regulators for better effects.

  1. Grasp objects of different shapes with your toes.
  2. Use your toes to squeeze and scrunch up a paper towel until you reach its end.
  3. Walk on your toes.
  4. Walk on your heels.
  5. Walk on the outer edges of your feet.
  6. Lie down, raise your legs and roll a tennis ball between your feet.

To learn more about BUNION EXERCISES, watch the above VIDEO.

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